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   Prague Munich Transportation

Transportation by Mercedes cars and minibuses from Prague to Munich. Flat rates, door to door transfers from Munich to Prague. Comfortable, non smoking, air conditioned cars and minivans. Drivers speak English and drive with care and ease. Taxi from Munich to Prague and taxi from Prague to Munich. Above standard insurance, fully licensed drivers and taxis. Reputable & reliable.


Why Martin's Taxi from Prague to Munich and Munich to Prague?

  • Once you booked a taxi between Prague and Munich, the rate is confirmed, the rate can not increase even if our rates go up
  • Taxis are insured above standard limits, all taxis have insured passengers' seats and baggage compartment
  • Credit cards accepted in taxi: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS (no fees, nor surcharges)
  • Premium German cars and minibuses: Mercedes Benz, VW, Skoda, BMW
  • Non smoking and air conditioned taxi cars and minibuses
  • Economical, comfortable, door to door transfers
  • Reliable, reputable and personal taxi service
  • Flexible, time efficient and cost effective
  • Fixed rates confirmed at the time of the taxi booking
  • 24/7 support in English on phone: 00420 775 744 447
  • Free taxi cancellation with a minimum 24 hours notice
  • Well recognized and recommended on the TripAdvisor

Prague and Munich taxi - cars and minivans - transportation price list

Regular car - Skoda Vito Tourer Select Viano 3.0 Ambiente E class Mercedes
Skoda Superb - private taxi Mercedes Benz Vito - private minivan Mercedes Benz Viano - luxury minibus Mercedes Benz E class - luxury wagon
RouteRegular car
comfort class
private transfer
up to 4 passengers
comfort class
private transfer
up to 8 passengers
E class / Viano
Business class
up to 4/5 passengers
private transfer
Prague to Munich 346€ 346€ 407€
Munich to Prague 346€ 346€ 407€
Prague to Munich
day trip
346€ + waiting 15 € per hour 346€ + waiting 15 € per hour 407€ + waiting 15 € per hour

Pricing, inclusions, conditions

  • transportation from Munich to Prague or Prague to Munich one way - final price is 346€ / Mercedes VITO or a regular car, 407€ / Mercedes Benz E class / Viano
  • all listed prices are final rates - no hidden extras, surcharges or taxes, we do not charge any extras, when you pay by a credit card
  • waiting is charged only during the time, when you are arlready in Munich and the vehicle is waiting for you to return
  • price is per whole vehicle and whole journey (you do not pay for the car to return empty to its city of origin)
  • private transfers - you do NOT share with other passengers, the vehicle is booked solely for your party
  • tip for the driver is not included and is completely voluntary
  • booking, cancellation and payment policies in detail. (opens in a new tab)

How long does it take to drive from Prague to Munich?

The distance to drive Prague distance between Prague and Munich Munich is approximately 382 km
Average travel time is 3 hours 40 minutes

Booking a taxi from Prague to Munich / taxi from Munich to Prague

Transportation bookings are accepted with minimum 24 hours notice. Should you need to book the transfer with shorter notice, please call Martin: 00420 775 744 447 or send an email.

taxi Prague Munich

Prague Munich Shuttle Service

Since March 2016 we provide economical, cost and time efficient shared shuttle service between Prague and Munich. Shuttle from Prague to Munich is available daily at 9:00 am. Shuttle from Munich to Prague is available daily at 3:00 pm. More information and destinations of Prague shuttle is available at .
Shared shuttle Prague ↔ Munich
Prague to Munich Daily at 9:00 am
Munich to Prague Daily at 3:00 pm
Maximum passengers 8 persons
Price 90 Euro per person
Travel time 4 hours
Pick up point Anywhere in the city center
Drop off point Anywhere in the city center
Private taxi Prague ↔ Munich
Shared shuttle Prague ↔ Munich

Munich private transportation is mostly used during spring and summer. Later in the year travellers prefer taxi transfers to train and buses during the Oktoberfest. The journey is relatively short as Munich is well connected to Prague by highway. Our drivers are able to manage average speed over 100 km per hour without need to excess the speed limits or to hurry. The traffic is usually bad just on the entry to Munich once you pass the Munich Franz Josef Airport. Speaking of the Munich airport, we also provide transportation between the Prague city center and the Munich airport. Should you be planning such a trip, count with 4 and 1/2 hours for the journey to stay on the safe side in case of bad traffic. During the regular traffic and road conditions it is possible to reach the Munich airport within 3 and 1/2 hours. Munich city center is huge and requires all entering vehicles to have a special eco vignette / sticker. In case you are staying in the historical center, the vehicle has to have the green sticker. Naturally all our cars fit the requirements and have the green stickers on. We are able to provide transportation between any Munich hotel and Prague hotels or the airports.

On the way to Munich it is possible to do a side trip to Regensburg, Amberg, Pilsen or the Flossenburg. Regensburg is the home of German well known sausages and ginger bread, as well as it is one of the river cruise docks. Amberg is a historical city with plenty of sights to visit and take pictures of. It also has very good restaurants and thus it is an ideal stop to split the transfer to/from Munich in two parts. Pilsen aka Plzen is the home of the Pilsner Urquell Beer. Apart from the beer factory, it is possible to go to the city center, where you can see nice historical area arpund the square. Pilsen was the most eastern city that was freed by the US army during the WWII. Flossenburg is a memorial to WWII. It is former concentration camp, which is now a museum and tribute to the victims of holocaust and cruelty of the WWII.

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